Features of the Onguard 800 System Release Module

  • Direct replacement for the model 1443 Release Module
  • Solenoid driven system to allow for various agent releases
  • Inhibit (disable) function allows system testing
  • without activating the solenoids
  • Ability to accommodate one or two release tanks
  • Automatic backup mode protects against
  • post ignition occurrence
  • Abort and pressure switch can be optional accessories
  • Microprocessor is fully programmed through
  • the two membrane switches
  • Non-volatile memory storage of configuration data
  • Sonalert beeps at each second interval
Allestec Release Module for the Onguard 800 Series Gas and Fire Control Panel

Onguard 800 System Release Module

The Allestec model 1443D Release Module can accommodate a single or dual release application system. Conditions can be programmed to allow the reserve tank to extinguish if the main tank should fail or if the fire remains after the main tank discharges. Two independent time delays can be programmed into the module to control each discharge tank. Each solenoid circuit is rated at 24 VDC, 4 amps.

The module can be located into an inhibit mode so the system can be tested without activating the solenoids. Other features include the ability to program an abort switch to add 30 seconds to the existing module timing sequence or activate a solenoid on the release of the abort button.

Faults that are transmitted to the Fault Module include open solenoid circuit coil(s), open pressure line switch or open abort switch line.

An auxiliary relay is activated at the time of the main tank activation. This relay is a SPDT contact, selectable with a 5 amp rating.



Specifications of the Onguard 800 System Release Module


Approved operating voltage:

20 - 28 VDC redundant power sources

Operating current:

70mA quiescent, 107mA alarm; no load

Release solenoids:

Two independent circuits source 24 VDC, 4 amps each

Auxiliary discharge relay:

Dry contact changes state on the first (main) release
SPDT relay rated 5 amps, 30 VDC resistive, 250 VAC


Timed release:

Two independent adjustable digital timers:
Main time is: 0.1 to 9.9 minutes
Reserve time is: 0.2 to 9.9 minutes

Other Functions

Abort output (delayed or on abort release):

24 VDC output during time count down

Clock sync output:

1 Hz, 24 VDC during time count down

External reset:

Open TB1-6 terminal from negative will reset timing sequence; input normally grounded



1.04"W X 3.46"H X 6.4"D


4.0 ounces


Ambient operating temperature:

0°F to 150°F
-17°C to 65°C
90% humidity non-condensing

Packaging and exposure:


Part Number Description


Release Module - standard label


System Manual

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