Features of the Onguard 800 System Cycle Release Module

  • Programmable to cycle the water mist delivery system including a pause mode
  • Inhibit (disable) function allows system testing without activating the release solenoids
  • Ability to accommodate one 24VDC or two series 12VDC release solenoids
  • Microprocessor controlled and programmed through the panel two membrane switches
  • Non-volatile data configuration storage
  • Applications include oil refineries, industrial electrical equipment, flammable liquid pumping and storage facilities, co-generation power plants, etc.
  • Conforms to NFPA 750.
  • Accessible SPDT fault relay
  • Remote reset input
  • Auxiliary programmable CPU input for special conditions
  • Sonalert beeps at each timing interval sequence
Allestec Cycle Release Module for the Onguard 800 Series Gas and Fire Control Panel

Onguard 800 System Cycle Release Module

Systems requiring an alternative method from other suppression agents can utilize the Allestec 800-2800 Cycle Release Module.

A pre-discharge time can be programmed into the module prior to allowing to initiating the mist cycle sequence. This delay allows for personnel evacuation at which time the Alarm Module will be initiated.

The Cycle Release Module is designed to sustain a mist spray from a pre-determined on/off cycle time. It then enters into a pause mode to assess the existence of a remaining fire or a post ignition occurrence, then acts upon the situation by implementing another water mist cycle.

During each cycle of operation, the display indicates the time remaining for the cycle, the cycle count and if the unit is in a pause mode. LEDs also indicate when the mist valve is in the open or closed position as well as pause mode.

The module can be located into an inhibit mode so the system can be tested without activating the solenoids

Fault conditions are transmitted to the Fault Module and also trip a local fault relay.



Specifications of the Onguard 800 System Cycle Release Module


Approved operating voltage:

20 - 28 VDC redundant power sources

Operating current:

75mA quiescent, 75mA alarm

Release output:

One circuit sources at 24 VDC, 3A hold, 6A trip

Fault relay:

Rated 5A, 30 VDC, 250 VAC



Adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds

Mist on/off cycle:

Adjustable from 5 to 99 seconds

Cycle time counts (if fire is extinguished up the first pause mode):

Adjustable from 1 to 9 counts

Pause mode timing:

Adjustable from .1 to 9.9 minutes

Other Functions  

Clock sync output:

1 Hz, 24 VDC during time count down (optional)

External reset:

Provide momentary + 24 VDC to TB2-3 terminal



1.04"W X 3.46"H X 6.4"D


4.0 ounces


Ambient operating temperature:

0°F to 150°F
-17°C to 65°C
90% humidity non-condensing

Packaging and exposure:


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Cycle Release Module


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