Features of the Onguard 800 System Abort Module

  • Audible sonalert during time count
  • Power LED
  • Small 3 gang size
  • Optional dual display
  • Available clock sync input
  • Low power CMOS design
  • Internal voltage regulation
  • Aesthetic enhanced design

Applications for the 800 System Abort Module

  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Co-generating power plants
  • Natural gas pumping stations
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Industrial
Allestec Abort Module for the Onguard 800 Series Gas and Fire Control Panel

Onguard 800 System Abort Module

The Allestec Abort Module is designed to be connected to the Model 800 fire panel and other fire panels requiring abort function. Standard 3 gang mounting and stainless steel bezel allow the unit to be placed in many locations. Digital display remains blank until the module receives its 24 VDC start signal. LED digits are legible in bright daylight from a distance of 12 feet. Pressing the abort switch resets the display(s) back to zero.



Specifications of the Onguard 800 System Abort Module

Operating voltage:

20-28 VDC

Operating current:

Primary board: 18mA quiescent, 105mA maximum
Secondary board option: 21mA quiescent, 185mA maximum

Fuse F1:

Primary board: 125mA - P/N 1394
Secondary board installed: 250mA - P/N 1414


Sonalert pulse 1 cycle per second during count down
Frequency: 3.8 Khz @ 75dB 1m


Temperature range: 0°F to 150°F
Humidity non-condensing 0-95%


Bezel: stainless steel
Printed circuit board: 1/16” two ounce copper, FR-4 fiberglass, double sided, plated through holes, solder


Standard 3 gang wall mount switch box

Part Number Description


Single Display Abort Module


Dual Display Abort Module


System manual

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