Features of the Onguard 800 System Relay Module

  • Three system relays available for various alarm conditions
  • Relays are SPDT, all three contacts for each relay are accessible
  • Sonalert sounds on any of the three relays changing state
  • An LED indicates which relay is activated
  • Optional external reset available
Allestec Relay Module for the Onguard 800 Series Gas and Fire Control Panel

Onguard 800 System Relay Module

The Allestec model 1760 Relay Module allows additional relay functions to assist the available outputs of the 800 panel. Three relays can be configured to change state when a certain condition occurs within the panel. Two relays are directed to the general alarm module while one relay is retained for system faults.

Relays can be configured for latching or non-latching and failsafe operation. An LED is associated with each of the three relays. The LED is illuminated only when a relay changes state.

A sonalert is provided that emits a chirping sound whenever a relay changes state. The sonalert can be silenced while a relay remains activated.



Specifications of the Onguard 800 System Relay Module


Approved operating voltage:

20 - 28 VDC redundant power sources

Operating current:

20mA quiescent, 90mA alarm

Dry relay outputs:

5 amps, 30 VDC resistive, 250 VAC

General, auxiliary, fault relays:

Output relays are sealed and contains an inert gas
Relays are form C configuration



1.04"W X 3.46"H X 6.4"D


3.7 ounces


Ambient operating temperature:

0°F to 150°F
-17°C to 65°C
90% humidity non-condensing

Packaging and exposure:


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